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Writings of 2nd year Bac " English"
right of women

Nowadays we take it for

granted that womenhave the same rights as men before the first world war few people believedthis .

As far as work was concerned there were jobs wich were regarded aswomen`s jobs and other wiche were regarded as men`s jobs. Women`s jobs weregenerally lower paid as men`s. Men did almost all the heavy jobs in industry orin transport .

Women had jobs like dress-making,cleanning or worked asservants .

Women`s main role was as being to raise childeren and look fortheir home. Women were not expected to take position of leaderschip. Women werenot even allowed to vote in elections .

Before the war some women had beenstruggling to achieve greater equality with men. The most famous of these hadbeen the suffragettes who stagged a violent campaign against the govervment from 1905 to 1914 trying to achieve the right to vote.however, at the outbreak ofwar, the were still no near to success. Many men argued that women were unsuitedto such responsibility that women could not be trusted to vote sensibly thatwomen should not concern themselves with such male activities andvoting .

During the war many things changed
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